Hi-Lo Tables

For professional doctors or practitioners seeking a versatile and efficient examination table, a Hi Lo Table offers the perfect solution. These tables, featuring powerful electric motors, can be safely, quickly, and easily adjusted to various heights, catering to the needs of patients and practitioners alike.

Hi Lo Tables are designed with exceptional sturdiness to accommodate even the heaviest patients with ease. They cater to a wide range of healthcare providers, including those involved in bodywork, massage therapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic manipulation, and other rehabilitative practices. Electric Hi Lo Tables provide multi-directional tilting, simplifying the execution of diverse physical therapy techniques.

As the ultimate examination and therapy table for your practice, a well-designed Hi Lo Table elevates the professionalism and comfort of office visits for both patients and practitioners. Some models feature built-in drawers for additional storage, keeping essential equipment and supplies within easy reach. Other popular models offer optional extras such as cervical, pelvic, or lumbar drops, commonly utilized in various therapy and examination settings.

Hi Lo Tables are particularly beneficial for elderly and disabled patients, whose needs may involve comfortable lifting and multi-directional movement during examinations. These tables ensure a dignified and professional experience, alleviating any fears about returning for future visits.

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